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Benefits to the tenderer by working with Steenjensen.com ApS

Before tender:
Establishment and overview of the potential for tender / bidding for public contracts Assistance in formulation of strategy, action plan and implementation Share insight and knowledge about the culture and working behavior of procurement-related work in a politically-driven organization Overview of the public customers and types of tender procedures Developing a business profile template for references, accounts and certificates Training on the current public procurement rules and bid writing Share knowledge of the ‘unwritten’ rules

During the tender:
Assistance in development of questions, handling of answers and revised tender documents Writing a compliant and quality assured tender / offer

After the offering:
Winning the tender:
Assistance on “how to ensure an effective implementation of the contract”

Unsuccessful tender:
Legal handling of the information in the notification letter from the Contracting Authority Input facilitating a professional dialogue with the Contracting Authority on the result of the tender Lessons learned and self reflection Managing and sharing knowledge of the opportunities, to request access to information and / or filing complaints to the Complaints Board

Benefits to the contracting authority by working with Steenjensen.com ApS

Strategic procurement is the aim for value-added procurement processes.

Steenjensen.com ApS offers to help and to share knowledge about the tender processes and specific procurements, which may beneficially achieve the objective, very often in a ‘political’ environment Designing a procurement plan to ensure legal compliance as well as achievement of organisational targets Through insight knowledge and experience assistance is offered to translate a theoretical objective into practical value to understanding and acceptance of processes and procedures in a politically driven organization.

Assistance in all aspects of the tender process in cooperation with the responsible public purchaser with the aim that the tender documents are in line with the political goals Assistance in procurement law and contract law issues

Training of new employees in the purchasing department through training and practical learning and involvement in current procurement and tender processes
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Steen har på en god måde hjulpet os i at udbygge vores forståelse af udbudsmarkedet og bidraget med konstruktivt input til vores tilbudsgivning.