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Specialist in:
2004/18/EC – The Classic Directive
2004/17/EC – The Utility Directive
2009/81/EC – Forsvars – og sikkerhedsdirektivet
2009/81/EC – Defense Directive
Contract law

Services to Economic Operator clients (Companies):

Designing strategies, Board - and Management level
Sounding board and advice on general considerations in relation to trade with the public sector.
Active participation in the formulation of a strategy, action - and implementation plan for the public sector.

Assistance in writing the offer / tender to Danish Public Sector tenders, EU and UN tenders and other international public procurement organizations such as NATO or WTO.
Review of tender documents, tender conditions, technical specifications and contract
Prepare questions to the Contracting Authority
Assistance in writing the tender / offer
Ensure the quality of the tender/ offer before it is submitted to Contracting Authority
Contributing to the implementation of the contract
Handling requests of information by the Contracting Authority and complaints to the Complaints Board
Assistance in addressing the electronic bidding process

Legal advice on Danish, EU, UN and other international public procurement tenders
Legal advice in public procurement issues
Assessment of procurement law actions and proposed solutions
Handling complaints on public procurement tenders
Preparation of contracts
Evaluation of contractual disputes

Legal advice in consortium development
Establishment of consortia, supplier co-operations
Assistance to the consortium in bidding for public contracts

Public Procurement training Courses
Lecturer in public procurement law
Tailor-made courses for companies and employees in public procurement law and writing the offer
Operation of network with participants having the public sector as core customers

Solutions for the Public Sector client:

Development and completion of public EU and UN tenders for Works Services and Supplies as well as defense and Utilities
Legal advice for procurement staff and specialists in EU and Danish procurement law
Assistance with the tender procedures including the "negotiated procedure"
Assistance in follow-up with suppliers
Assistance in the electronic procurement process
Develop training material for relevant procurement (and non procurmenet) staff
Implementation of procurement law training for relevant procurement (and non procurement) staff

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